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Aruna Guruprasad

Aruna Guruprasad is a transformation Leader, Agile Coach, with expertise in Technical Delivery Management who is assertive about how an Agile Mindset can bring about huge positive transformations to enterprises at any scale.
She is an accomplished, driven individual with consistent performance and results, with more than eighteen years of experience in healthcare services and products in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. Drives to win and takes initiative and accountability for achieving results. Well versed with managing all phases of project life-cycle from strategic visioning to implementation, including identifying new opportunities, assessing existing business capabilities and leveraging new ones, defining synergies and championing a business case. Proficient in managing projects, programs and portfolios, teams and cost centers whose budgets varied anywhere up to $180 M. With proven ability to quickly adjust to diverse business and management needs and manage a wide range of responsibilities. Excellent track record effectively handling challenging situations and executing effective software engineering methodologies and processes across the organization. An Agile transformation champion, with proven track record of successful transformation of challenging portfolios.  

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