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Christopher Sims

Chris is a Partner and Transformation Coach at Teal Mavericks, a company focused on helping people find creative ways to reimagine the way they work. Chris is veteran of many Agile Transformations at Fortune 10 companies in a variety of roles including: ScrumMaster, Team Agile Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach, Leader and ultimately, Principal Architect of Agile Transformation. Along the way, Chris has developed a unique perspective on what’s effective in Transformations (as well as what’s not) and most importantly, what outcomes have proven decisive vs. those that sounds cool, but don’t have tangible impact to ultimate success or failure. An avid reader, amateur historian and armchair economist, Chris often looks outside the Agile industry for inspiration and new ideas and he doesn’t fit neatly into ‘Scrum Advocate’ or ‘SAFe Specialist’ boxes. Rather, Chris leverages the best ideas from many different domains and sub-domains to provide the right mix of all when making recommendations to Clients. When not taking clients from Zero to One on their Agile and DevOps Transformations, Chris can be found spending time with his wife and two sons and enjoying the best of Michigan’s weather (the 4-5 months a year that’s an option.) Chris is also not a fan of writing in the 3rd person, for what it’s worth.


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