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Vasavi Challa

Vasavi is an IT consultant that focuses on driving measurable results for her clients by providing value driven and cost effective processes resulting in delivering of high quality software. She has over 16 years of experience in Software development, project management, Quality & Test management and strategic consulting in various capacities. Vasavi's cross functional experience has given her a unique ability to provide her clients with the right tools and techniques tailored to the needs of respective organization. Her approach is focused on getting value based, real tangible results, be it coaching, training, mentoring or value stream mapping. As an agile coach, she train teams, leaders, and partners to design an agile strategic transformation map that aligns with the organizational culture, policies and procedures. As an Agile practitioner, She also coaches and mentors teams to a point of becoming self-organizing, self-manageable, and high performing teams that can deliver faster, quality working software providing tangible value and high ROI.


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