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Victor Hugo Certuche

Victor is an Agile/Lean/DevOps/Gamification Ecosystems Transformation Expert with years of successfully delivering client satisfaction on schedule and time.
Results oriented self-motivated Leader with over 30 years of experience. Customer-oriented mindset with a positive mental attitude. Possesses the ability to get up to speed quickly on complex, multidimensional, system and business challenges. He is Extremely proficient in analyzing business processes and systems for efficiency gaps, proposing solutions and implementing effective change within an organization to increase profitability. Lead process improvement projects for a Fortune 100 company in the order of multi-million program initiatives. Articulate creative thinker with excellent business acumen and a laser focus on solving business challenges by implementing solutions. Astute problem-solver and negotiator with the ability to influence and obtain results from others key players in and outside of anorganization. Exceptional team player with a proven ability to lead and motivate others; has a successful track record of delivering objectives aligned with an organization’s needs, expectations and strategic direction.


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