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Erwin Verweij

I am proud to say that at this moment I'm one of two acknowledged Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC) in the Netherlands registered at Scrum Alliance. I am also a Certified LeSS Practitioner and SAFe Agilist. There are other ways to run a project but over the years I found out that the hands-on way of working with scrum and kanban and agile thinking seems to work the best. I’m not a fan of documentation or elaborate reports (you're not gonna get them from me). And I hate meaningless meetings. I like to get things done. Roaring like a disrupive viking although i'm gentle and understanding most of the time. I provide training and coaching to help people reach their goals.

As a Certified Designer & Facilitator of workshops with the Lego Serious Play Method I facilitate workshops with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, a very strong method to get those tough question out in the open and work towards a possible solution. Next to this all I'm a Certified Lean Change Agent and skilled as a Management 3.0 Trainer/Facilitator.

In my spare time I like to write short stories and blogs, I'm also a professional photographer who likes to try everything at least once but specialized in model-photography. I also like to run around in combat gear playing Airsoft and do the same thing on my PS4.


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