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Nicolas Delahaye

Nicolas Delahaye, CEO of Histoire de rĂ©ussir, is a Certified Agile Coach, Certified Facilitator and Trainer. He is described as Professional organized, strong listener, results-oriented, with more than 19 years consulting and coaching experience. He displays strong interpersonal skills during organizational and operational transformations. He trains people to work with agility and agile engineering techniques.

He helps organizations by giving their employees the confidence and skill set to tackle their issues and projects head on. He performs with a teaching style that utilizes innovative games and the collective knowledge of his students. Moreover, he instills the values of agile innovation into organizations capable of becoming more efficient.

And finally, when he is not on travel, he spends time taking care of his garden, his family, and to do his best to not be the worst karateka and judoka of Marne.


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